Thursday, January 28, 2016

Song writer problems

Up writing songs. Thinking about how to write better songs. And what a good song even means in 2016
Writing songs ....

It's such a thing. I can't quite describe the thing but I can describe what it means to me. 
A song that we call good resonates with people. It has a way of viscerally sitting in someone's life experience so easily. A good  song writer is a master at this. But also a "good song" can just be a song that is easily digestible and easy to regurgitate by the masses. So being good at creating something people can swallow make you a good songwriter? 
This too is qualifiable. If we let the bubble gum pop era happen how can we judge this trap era. Both music teetered on the line of remedial sometimes. But those by all accounts are good songs. SEE MY PREDICAMENT!?!? 
So how. How does one balance telling my whole life with (his) song .... And speaking for the masses !? 
I think that I am a great songwriter.  But I want to be better I want to be awesome I want to be one of the best. So I'm always studying always searching always pushing myself to find the best ways to journey through complexity to a place of accessibility.

Friday, December 4, 2015


Had the honor of speaking with young girls most of which were survivors of sexual assault on dating violence and domestic abuse. I definitely want to do more as an advocate to raise awareness and ultimately end this terror that has been going on too long against our women with my DoMeStic2it cause. 

I call it waiting to exhale brown.

I've completely fallen in love with this new lipstick hue. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Life and shit

Miscommunications lead to complications. 

As I travel the road of development I find more often than not that people are incorrigibly connected to their own perceptions. People aren't just people. People become subject to definitions others place upon them.  Once someone is committed to believing something of you to be their truth they will force themselves to see that limited view of you they found in the whole of you. Be clear that doesn't define you it defines that person it defines the needs of that person. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

He'll know. By iMANIROSE

 the ONE will never ever leave her. 
Not when she's broken&bruised, dazed&confused...
Not when she's sick&stired , or pain's extinguished her fire. 
he'll edify her anew
He'll be her refuge
When she needs him the most 
He holds her close
Their love can only be described 
As by god's own design. 
He'll evoke her laughter 
Silence her mind's  chatter. 
He won't scold her , he'll care 
Her burdens he'll bear 
Of her truths he's aware  
He knows when she's scared. 
The man of her dreams knows
life without her's a nightmare.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Are there people that you just have to lie to . The second you tell them the truth you're condemned for insensitivity. If other people feel the right to confront you with truths of their experience why then are you not allowed yours. Who makes these rules of honesty. Who decides which personality types get to express wholeheartedly their views in relation to others and whom does not ?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

YOUR iT : Stage Presence Summer Intensive

We are very excited to announce the "YOUR IT: STAGE PRESENCE" summer intensive workshop with Imani Rose. Imani is an alum of Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts  where she majored In theatre with a focus on Musical Theatre winning the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts' Young Arts Award and is featured in the Academy Award Nominated Documentary on the experience "Rehearsing A Dream" .Continuing her education at  New York City's Marymount Manhattan College , Imani would go on to work with top industry professionals at Bad Boy /Atlantic ,Sony /Music World & Roc-Nation where she would gain hands on experience in the professional music business and the unique culture of Hip Hop! This is an excellent opportunity for our students to train with an industry professional who's unique approach allows kids to try games and exercises that will not only strengthen their performances but their confidence and critical thinking and reading comprehension skills as well. Our students have done so well at competitions , and we know that it is important to give them the best opportunity to consistently progress. There are some tools we need to sharpen ! Choreography is only one facet of dance ,in any genre , the distinction of greatness is found in stage presence and that charisma will assist our kids in every single thing they do for the rest of their lives ! 

"As an artist expression has always been my way : to communicate , to affect , to share! There were teachers that were instrumental in not only allowing me that creative space to express myself but they showed me how powerful it could be when I allowed others the opportunity to be moved by that expression. Performing , I discovered , was my super power, and I had to learn how to use it ! I saw other kids had their own unique super powers and they came from deep inside of us , we all had something that thing that made us special and that thing, our own "it' could make someone laugh , cry, think, feel something anything all depending on how you used your IT! Actually putting energy into each moment and leaving your heart in the stage . LIFE AND ART are the same in that way .That's what life's about doing it full out every time , and making moments memorable !" -Imani Rose